Klambragilslaug (N7)

Nature, Pools

GPS: 64.04858 -21.22253


From the town Hveragerði you hike into Reykjadalur valley and into a geothermal area with geysers, warm pools and mountains. Iceland Activities offer guided tours to this area.

The hot river is located in a the valley. Bathing in the river offers a great and unique experience and the hike up to the river from Hveragerdi offers some great views and good opportunities for photographing.

In summer time the hike up to the river takes usually around 1.5 hours and 1 hour back down (for a person in average shape)

On the winter time the hike up to the river can be quite challenging, depending on snow and Ice, the hike up to the river takes usually around 3–5 hours one way and 1,5–3 hours back for a person in good shape, fit person. The river might be rather cold in winter.

Be careful, from the year 2008 (big earthquake happened) and still today there are frequently coming up new hotsprings and because of that there are allot of burning accidents in Reykjadalur every year, so we recommend to stay on the paths and be careful around the hotsprings! :).