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Víti (N14)

GPS: 65.04708 -16.72347 Víti (meaning ‘Hell’!) is an explosion crater on the northeast shore of Öskjuvatn by road No. F894. The Viti crater is around 150 meters in diameter and contains a geothermal lake of mineral-rich, sulphurous, opaque blue water. Víti is a popular bathing […]

Pollurinn (N13)

GPS: 65.64908 -23.89448 Pollurinn is in Westfjords close to the town of Tálknafjörður by road 617. Pollurinn is just above the road and ther is a nice view over the fjord. The pool has a changing facilities.

Laugarfell (N11)

GPS: 64.88563 -15.35233 Laugarfell is located in the eastern part of the Icelandic Highlands, a bit north from Mount Snæfell, by road No. 910. Two natural pools are located in Laugarfell and according to old folk tales the water is known for its healing […]

Laugafell (N10)

GPS: 65.02747 -18.33200 An oasis in the barren land between the glacier Hofsjökull and Vatnajökull. The site is about 25 km to the west of the best known highland route “Sprengisandur” by road no F752. On the north-western slopes of the mountain Laugafell, there are […]

Landmannalaugar (N9)

GPS: 63.99193 -19.06188 Landmananlaugar pool in the highlands by road No. F224. From the edge of Laugahraun lava field several hot water streams and hot springs spring up as well as sources of cold water which mix together in a little warm river. The […]

Kvika (N8)

GPS: 64.16238 -22.00827 Kvika is a sculpture by the seaside in the town of Seltjarnarnes, practically a suburb of Reykjavík. The sculpture’s name is Kvika and was designed by Ólöf Nordal and erected in 2005. It has a constant flow of hot water intended for […]

Klambragilslaug (N7)

GPS: 64.04858 -21.22253 From the town Hveragerði you hike into Reykjadalur valley and into a geothermal area with geysers, warm pools and mountains. Iceland Activities offer guided tours to this area. The hot river is located in a the valley. Bathing in the river […]

Kerlingarfjöll (N6)

GPS: 64.67358 -19.29342 Visit to the geothermal area of Hveradalir (hot spring valley) by Kerlingafjöll, by road No. 35, has been described by many of our foreign guests as the most memorable part of their visit to Iceland.

Hveravellir (N5)

GPS: 64.76623 -19.55380 Hveravellir by road No. 35, is one of Iceland’s most popular Oasis in the highlands whether your drive hike or ride the Icelandic horse. Hveravellir is a geothermal hotspot with smoking fumaroles and bubbling water holes. For those in need of […]