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Beautiful and unique falls originating under the lava and cascading into Hvitá river. Hraunfossar became a protected site in 1987.


It is said that the waterfall got its name from the lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði, who reportedly threw his pagan statues into the falls after his conversion to Christianity in the year 1000.

Bláa lónið (S1)

GPS: 63.87995 -22.44900 Extremely popular destination for foreign tourists. The lagoon features a very unique natural environment and consists of silicarich seawater conducive to improving the health of psoriasis patients.


The stone church was built in 1864-1865. There are many remarkable items in the church. The first cloister in Iceland was founded in 1133 in Þingeyri and it was also an ancient place of assembly.


In 1973 an eruption in Heimaey led to the injury-free evacuation of all of its 5000 inhabitants. One of the main fishing towns in Iceland. Diverse birdlife and nesting capital for the greatest variety of seabirds anywhere in Iceland.


Renowned seal-watching area. Hvammstangi is a pleasant town on the Vatnsnes Peninsula and home to the Seal Centre of Iceland.


The town is characterised by its soulful old houses. The ferry to Flatey and the West Fjords departs from Stykkishólmur.


One of the country’s most famous mountain, veiled in mystery and powerful energy. Jules Verne’s book Journey to the Centre of the Earth features this glacier. The glacier and its environs were designated a national park in 2001.


Religious institution and former Episcopal See. Skálholt was the most important centre of education and government for many centuries. Summer baroque music concerts are held over five weekends in July and August.